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Installation Do the J-profile trims for stand-proud installations come with the units?
Service Are the Fhiaba appliances easy to service?
Service How do I request service for my Fhiaba Refrigerator or Wine Cellar?
Features When should I use the Shopping Mode?
Installation What are the panel thickness and weights allowable for custom overlay panels on the Fhiaba appliances?
Features How do the Fhiaba Fresco (fresh food) and Wine Cellar / Cantina (wine) compartments control humidity and can it be adjusted?
Installation When would I need to use the J-Profile trims?
Features How loud are the Fhiaba appliances?
Installation What water pressure is required for proper ice maker operation on the Fhiaba units?
Troubleshooting Block or lump of ice forms in the cube collection bin.
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